Homepage Redesign
Redesign of chase.com the most visited banking site in
the US.
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UX Designer
Visual design
Interaction design
Product Strategy
2022 - 2023
Why redesign chase.com?
The homepage is often a user’s first interaction with Chase and attracts upwards of a billion visits a year however, the homepage had not been redesigned in over 10 years. Updating it to properly reflect Chase and allow users to quickly find what they are looking for is a top business goal.
1.9 B
3.5 M
most visited banking website in the US
annual visits to the public site
clicks and 57K accounts created monthly
There were a few key problems...
Research identified a few key problems that design was challenged to fix.
Low Acquisitions
6 out of 7 ads on the home page get less than 1% of clicks
Unclear Value
Users were unable to navigate where they wanted because the amount of ads.
Outdated Look
and Feel
The chase.com homepage had not been redesigned in over 10 years.
Leading us to define our problem statement to guide the project:
Problem Statement
How might we update the homepage experience to match users with what they are looking for?
How do we best solve the problems identified?
We tested many iterations of possible design solutions for the problems we identified. Below highlights the many prototypes tested before landing on our final designs.
The solutions we landed on and why
After the many iterations and tests we finalized designs that most accurately solved for the problems we identified from research. These designs are what we have shipped and are now monitoring and testing.
Clean and Classic Hero
The new Hero combines an unchanged login box and a single consumer bank ad that is static. The login box is a conventional element of most banks. The single and static consumer bank ad takes into account the most common use of the public site and allows for uncluttered navigation.
 Top-Driving Options with Flex Grid
The grid communicates Chase’s most popular lines of business in a clear way allowing users to quickly find what they may be looking for. Along with showcasing ads the grid also includes tools and services, highlighting unique Chase services that are free and value adding.
 A Break from the Ads
Non-acquisition sections that promote financial education, mobile banking, and corporate social responsibility. Adding value for users in areas outside of just Chase products. These are layed out in uncluttered sections that users are able to easily navigate.
Where to go from here?
We are currently moving forward in exploration and refinement.
Monitoring and Testing
We are currently conducting user interviews to better understand how users feel about the specifics of the redesign.
Rediscovery work
Based on the research and analytics data we will have another exploration phase to enhance the current designs.
Enhancements and Iterations
We will refine components based on user feedback and add designs that didn’t make the cut due to timeline constraints.
Core Grid Redesign
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